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Open Roads Open Minds


When you set out on the open road, the open roads and fields and skies often become comfort to the soul and exhilaration for the spirit. Almost immediately, I begin to feel the pressures of life and confines of my mind melting away. Who I am – or want to be – becomes clearer as the stressors and structures of society begin to disintegrate. What I want and want to believe possible emerges upon the horizon’s glow, sparking the glistening pavement, the ancient trees, the wild wandering birds to sing, sway and move with me in some new and beckoning way.

But before I get too lost in my own reverie, new civilization sprouts before me, foreign lands birth people, and those creatures in turn speak to me in my thirsty native tongue… What they say stops me in my tracks.

“Cold Beer Here!”

Take Hwy 16 through Downtown Woodland and keep on heading west. You won’t regret it if you like blossoming trees, billowing grasslands, small farming towns and refreshment stands along the way. Don’t miss Roadtrip Bar & Grill in Capay for smoked meats and a game of horseshoes. If you like to explore times gone by, stop off at Junk, Funk & Finery Thrift Store in Esparto. But by all means, get back in the car and keep aiming for that gorgeous horizon, even if just to eventually return, a slightly renewed and refreshed you.

The Food Chain

From Farm to Family!

From Farm to Family!

From California State Capital to Farm to Fork Capital of the world? Well, we can’t verify the latter, but everyone needs a hero, right? And when it comes to fresh farm food on your plate, Sacramento does seem to have a lamb’s leg up.

Recently proclaimed ‘America’s Farm to Fork Capitol’, Sacramento region farms, ranches and wineries supply restaurants all over the country. And how better to kick off this dinner party than with the inaugural Farm to Fork Festival coming September 2013!

But until then, there are plenty of other food and drink related festivals going on throughout the year. In fact, Bacon Fest Sacramento starts this Sunday and goes all week long at various locations. And if you’re at all like me – feeling sorry for the little piggies – at least there are some ethics baked into this greasy-feast of a festival.

“Bacon Fest Sacramento is all about pork from pigs who lived healthy, happy lives at farms where farmers value ethical and sustainable food production.” As well, “All events are not-for-profit and all the money goes to Sacramento chefs, restaurateurs and the Center For Land Based Learning nonprofit in nearby Winters.”

As we become more aware of where our food comes from, how it’s prepared, processed and handled, and what nutritional value it has, we earn the right to both demand humane practices and thoroughly enjoy what we eat.